Gimnazjum nr 20


   The school is located in an urban seaside area in the centre of a typical Gdańsk living headquarters. We have both:  students of very high intellectual level with broad range of interests, and students with some special needs. We are open to new ideas and cooperation in realizing new activities and  projects. Our school vision is that each and every student realizes him/herself in self-chosen field and is able to take part in multicultural European life. Our students are given a chance for international cooperation, exchanging experiences, learning about new cultures and meeting new friends. Since 2002 we have taken part in European educational projects such as School Partnerships, School Development project, Comenius Regio. We hosted  Comenius  assistants fromHungary and Spain. Last year we cooperated with a volunteer teacher from Germany. This year we cooperate with a volunteer teacher from The Netherlands. We are currently coordinating a Comenius project with schools from Turkey and Romania.

     We also want our students to be able to adapt to new conditions and to conduct new tasks. We are strongly and creatively working educational organization.  In our school lessons take place in a nice and friendly atmosphere led by highly educated, open-minded and very creative staff. We apply interesting and new pedagogical approaches and teaching methods.  Nowadays we are running extended programme classes developing the following subjects:  Spanish language (bilingual class), English language, Maths, Physics, IT, biology, economics, social studies. Students can also develop their interests attending different school clubs: Hanse Club, Drama Club, Film Club, Maths and Physics Clubs, Tourist Club, Photography Club, Music Club, Sports Clubs and School Cabaret. There is also a pedagogical help offered in what we call School’s Club.  Those who volunteer may take active role in school’s work and development participating in Student’s Council. Everyone can speak out in a monthly issued school magazine. Not only do we organise excursions and set meetings with interesting people but very often go to the theatres, cinemas and galleries. Our activities are supported by cooperation with University of Gdansk and Technical University of Gdańsk. Our school wishes to bring up wise, well-mannered and open-minded Europeans who identify themselves with Polish tradition.

 Grade I (age 13-14) – total number of students 113

Grade II (age 14-15) – total number of students 130

Grade II (age 15-16) – total number of students 108